Posted: Nov 13, 2022

Residential QIDP Supervisor

Eden II Programs - Staten Island, NY
Salary: $65,000.00 Annually
Application Deadline: Nov 14, 2022
Health Services

Residential QIDP Supervisor


  1. Master’s Degree within the human services field (psychology preferred)
  2. BCBA certification preferred
  3. At least 2 years of experience working with individuals with autism and/or related developmental disabilities
  4. At least 2 years supervisory experience
  5. Fully Vaccinated

Hours: This position is a 40-hour, five day a week position. Hours include a combination of day, night and weekends hours.

Reports to: Director of Residential Services

Driving Status: A valid driver’s license is required for this position.

HIPAA Security Level Access: Level C – Access to data that is specifically assigned to staff person by direct supervisor on a permanent basis.

Job Responsibilities: The QIDP Supervisor is responsible for overseeing all of the clinical services that are completed by the QIDP’s within each residence. This includes, but might not be limited to the following:

  1. Write, review and oversee the development of the program’s staff action plans as per OPWDD regulations and Eden II agency protocols.
  2. Ensure that each participant is involved in a coordinated and integrated active treatment program as outlined by the staff action plan.
  3. Maintain regular contact with parents/guardians to gather information necessary to update staff action plans.
  4. Oversee and supervise all residential QIDP staff to ensure appropriate completion of all job responsibilities.
  5. Ensure all staff are qualified and trained to carry out and monitor the various clinical job functions in accordance with the stated outcomes and objectives of every individual’s program plan.
  6. Oversee the maintenance of participant case records, ensuring they are complete, up-to-date, and in compliance with regulatory standards (audit ready).
  7. Meet with all new QIDP staff and provide orientation to the residential program
  8. Assist with the training process of all direct support staff when necessary and oversee the QIDP’s staff training efforts.
  9. Ensure staff at each residence are receiving on-going training and in-service to ensure their competency.
  10. Attend and actively participate in quarterly and annual interdisciplinary team meetings when necessary.
  11. Supervise QIDPs including but not limited to review of staff action plans for accuracy and compliance with state/federal regulations
  12. Ensure that QIDP’s are providing enriched recreational opportunities that promote community inclusion as well as adherence to the recreational calendar for consistency of treatment.
  13. Oversee that the QIDP’s are ensuring the proper implementation of individual treatment plans and group recreational programming.
  14. Ensure each residence/QIDP is maintaining full clinical team meetings for review of participant plans of care and treatment no less than quarterly, and more frequent as necessary.
  15. Ensure there is appropriate action in response to identified participant needs (programmatic, behavioral, medical, dietary, etc.) and ensuring such action is completed and appropriately documented in the participant’s records.
  16. Ensure there is accurate, data-based information available to each clinical team and other related professionals (e.g. physician, psychiatrist, neurologist) to help direct treatment decisions.
  17. Ensure each QIDP has developed person centered goals and outcomes based on the participants needs and wants.
  18. Provide regular review of data and participant progress to ensure ongoing compliance.  Ensure program goals are revised when necessary and are based on individual’s needs and performance.
  19. Ensure that service design and delivery provide each participant with an appropriate active treatment program.
  20. Ensure participant needs for environmental supports and assistive devices to promote independence are provided when necessary.
  21. Ensure staff action plans are completed on a timely basis and contain all relevant and necessary information including, but not limited to participant needs, strengths, and weaknesses.
  22. Assist with training (through in-services and hands on instruction) to all QIDP’s as well as DSP’s when necessary.
  23. Ensure implementation of all policies and procedures as outlined in current Behavior Management Policy Manual which includes review of plans, oversight of plans, and training of staff and parents on the plans.
  24. Supervise and provide feedback to all QIDP’s in the aforementioned areas.
  25. Conduct direct observation and monitoring of QIDP’s in their carrying out of each participant’s individual program plan.
  26. Coordinate with other professionals including but not limited to BIS staff, day hab program, Care Managers, and other outside agencies involved in the service provision for the residents.
  27. Ensure all aspects of operations are adhered to for smooth operation of group homes and audit readiness.
  28. Any/all ad hoc duties assigned at the discretion of Director of Residential Services.