Posted: Nov 13, 2022

Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) Adult Day Hab

Eden II Programs - Staten Island, NY
Salary: $51,000.00 - $56,000.00 Annually
Application Deadline: Nov 14, 2022
Health Services

Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional: Adult Program


  1. Bachelor’s degree in related human service field.
  2. Two (2) years teaching experience employing behavioral techniques with autistic adults.
  3. Two (2) years supervisory experience.
  4. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel
  5. Alternatives to these qualifications as deemed acceptable under the discretion of the Program Director.
  6. Fully Vaccinated

Reports To:  Director of Adult Services

Supervises:  Group Leaders, DSP staff

Job Responsibilities:

  1. To work with all members of the interdisciplinary team to determine suitable programming for the participants on their caseload.
  2. To write Individualized Habilitation Plans for all participants. This consists of behavioral objectives that focus on increasing the participant’s independence at program, at home and in the community in various areas of learning.
  3. Provide training for program staff on the implementation of the IHP and overall effective teaching strategies.
  4. Develop daily and weekly schedules to ensure that structured teaching sessions and other functional activities occur as specified in the IHP.
  5. Complete comprehensive and professionally written monthly progress reports and detailed semi-annual and final progress summaries.  Forward these to the primary caregivers/guardians in a timely fashion.
  6. Supervise all staff to ensure that each is working to provide a safe and effective learning environment for the participants.
  7. Participate in the ongoing development of staff by leading trainings for staff development days.
  8. Ensure that on-site participant case records are complete and up-to-date in accordance with Eden II Policies and Procedures.
  9. Regularly review all data books for accuracy and completion.
  10. Ensure completion of HCBS Waiver service documentation.
  11. Schedule, conduct, and document interdisciplinary team meetings for all participants.
  12. Maintain regular contact with the participant’s MSC and attend their annual ISP meeting to ensure that our program plans are in line with the valued outcomes listed in the ISP document.
  13. Conduct classroom observations and provide written feedback to classroom staff regarding work performance.
  14. Provide written performance evaluations for all subordinates in accordance with Eden II policy.
  15. Review occurrence reports daily for quality and required follow up.
  16. Ensure that all staff adheres to incident and abuse reporting regulations as specified in Part 624. Assume responsibility for reporting serious reportable incidents in the absence of the Adult Services Director.
  17. Additional responsibilities as determined by the Director of Adult Services.
  • Driving/Transportation of participants is a potential requirement of the above position.  However, you are not permitted to drive for Eden II/Genesis unless you have been provided with written authorization from the Human Resources Department.